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About Us

Leader in ergonomics at work


The Entrac team’s origins date back to the early 90s when founders Dominick Turgeon and Daniel Morin met while pursuing their studies in physical education and kinesiology at Université Laval.
  • 1990 : Before
    While studying kinesiology and administration, Dominick also worked as a lineman for a major telecommunications company. At work however he suffered bouts of significant back pain, a problem that was frustrating for a young man in his twenties as it restricted both his work and his sporting activities. Lacking specialized resources at his workplace to help him concretely, he started to search for solutions. Upon completing his degree in kinesiology, Dominick carried out a specialized project in back pain prevention overseen by emeritus professor Benoit Roy who specializes in the field, a project that promoted musculoskeletal injury prevention as an inherent part of the tasks performed by linemen.

    Daniel on the other hand studied physical education and kinesiology, a choice inspired by his keen interest in teaching and labour. Before undertaking his university studies, he was employed as a cable television installer, and this is when he became aware of the rigours and physical demands of the job while at the same time noting the lack of preventive actions and strategies integrated into the operations. At the end of his studies, Daniel understood how he could put his newly acquired knowledge into practice catering to employers and their employees. The cornerstone of the ergonomics services offered by the Entrac team had thus been laid.
  • 1995 : The beginning
    Entrac was incorporated on 14 June 1995. While fulfilling the growing demands of their new clients, Daniel and Dominick continued to pursue studies in ergonomics at UQAM. Over the years and with the growing confidence shown by clients, the number of projects gradually increased and they further refined their expertise.
  • 2005 - 2013
    From 2005 to 2009, Entrac began a new chapter in its history with the establishment of three interdisciplinary rehabilitation clinics supervised by Yves Louchard in Longueuil, Montreal and Quebec City.
  • 2014 to present
    2014 to present

    In December 2013, the Entrac clinics were sold so that Entrac could focus solely on its specialties in ergonomics. These years spent operating the clinics have helped understand the needs of insurers and employers for disability and return to work ergonomics records.
    Since 2014 we have continued to innovate, among other things, by using technology in our services and products.
    In 2019, Christian Pinsonnault, M.Sc. ergonomist certified CCPE and project manager becomes a partner.
    Despite the COVID-19 crisis, the future is bright so that we can continue to help our clients count on healthy, productive employees, present at work and productive.

Our Mission

We believe that the development of our society goes through productive and healthy organizations and companies. We believe that a healthy business must rely on its most important resources: its employees.

This is why, since 1995, we have offered you our expertise in workplace ergonomics through our 5 specialties. All this, so that you can count on healthy employees, present at work and productive.

Our Vision

To be essential for employers and their employees in ergonomics at work.