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E2 software
safety at work

Become efficient in ergonomics and injury prevention at work thanks to our software developed by Entrac .

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Why E2 ?

The key benefits of our workplace injury prevention tool.

Reducing ergonomic risks to eliminate injuries

You can analyze objectively and proactively manage ergonomic risks. A safe work environment for your most important asset: your employees. Less risk means less musculoskeletal injuries.

Prioritize your actions

Prioritize your actions strategically by comparing the tasks, workstations, departments or production sites that are most costly to you.

Make informed decisions and share your results

With just a few clicks, E2 gives you a clear picture to help you make the best decisions and display your results.

Be independent

An easy to use app. You will quickly become autonomous in the analysis and management of ergonomic risks. What better way to achieve your goals?

Standardize your processes

E2 was designed to help Entrac’s team of ergonomists perform consistent, high-quality studies and diagnostics. A unique, efficient and solid methodology based on best practices. You can definitely benefit from it!

Avoid making mistakes

Evaluate and estimate the impacts of potential solutions before making any kind of investment. You can avoid mistakes and costly expenses.


Objective analysis of ergonomic risks, unique methodology and calculation of the level of risk using an innovative algorithm.

Comparison of job tasks, departments or production site

Assessment and documentation of solutions

Follow-up of corrective actions, projects and schedules

Compilation and centralization of information with secure, simple and fast access

Creation of personalized comparative reports: tasks, workstations, departments, production site


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